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Dave Smith: Instructor

Dave Smith is an internationally recognized Buddhist meditation teacher, addiction treatment specialist, and published author. He has been teaching and designing Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence based programs and curriculum for over 10 years. He recently founded the Secular Dharma Foundation and lives in Paonia, CO with his wife and two sons.

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About this course

In recent years sincere efforts have been made to integrate Buddhist practices into Recovery culture and communities. Because there is no universal definition for, or understanding of what Buddhist Recovery is and how it works, many people find themselves confused and discouraged while looking for perspectives and practices that have meaningful and practical direction and outcome. 

This online class  specifically created to provide a simple and comprehensive framework for understanding how Buddhism and Dharma practice can be cultivated as means for overcoming addiction, embracing recovery and creating a meaningful life.


  • 6 Modules of content designed for you to move at your own pace
  • More than 3 hours of educational video content
  • 18 guided meditation practices
  • All content pertaining to the original teachings of the Buddha from historical and academic perspectives
  • Over 40 Talks on Buddhist Recovery